Thursday, 20 March 2008

Study: EDC in adult education

Guiding question of the Stocktaking Study on Lifelong Learning For Democratic Citizenship through Adult Education (LLL - EDC-Study) was, how adults can develop competencies relevant for democratic citizenship in Europe. It was made by researchers from 7 European universities, EAEA and the DARE-Network. The study offers an up-to-date overview in EDC research, policy and practice in 9 European countries.
Primary outcomes of the study are national reports released during the project period. These reports are combined and summarised in three transnational analysis. Later this year a concluding report will be released by Soren Ehlers who coordinated the project at the University of Aarhus/Danish School of education.
All national reports, additional material and transnational analysis can be found on the website of the project. The study was granted by the EC/Grundtvig 1.