Friday, 16 May 2008

Action and Research – DARE Special Interest Group

The DARE SIG “Action and Research” tries to bridge the gap between practitioners on the grassroots level and academia. The group consists of HRE and EDC experts from Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and the United Kingdom. During the first meeting in March 08 in Tallinn, Estonia, Ragnar Müller (Pharos e.V., Germany) presented his research on: “How to teach complex topics such as EU and gobalisation – policy didactics as a new approach”. This didactic approach tries to close the gap between political science and teaching politics in formal and non-formal education. The group decided to take it as a research basis for SIG3 activities. A 6-page abstract of the Policy Didactics approach (in English) was distributed among the SIG members and will be discussed with practitioners and policy makers in the respective countries. During the DARE conference “Intercultural Dialogue: Challenge and Task for EDC and HRE” in Vienna in November 2008, SIG3 will present both the approach and the feedback from practitioners.

For more information contact Anne Stalfort, ADB Germany,