Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Between the Lines:Voices of Women engendering Peace and Democracy

This publication tries to sum up almost 10 years of an intense and passionate process of finding a common language between women from Israel, Palestine and Germany.

“ We came together to learn from and strengthen each other in our common endeavour of protecting women´s rights in our societies, strengthening mutual respect for each other, and fostering democratic values.. Within ten years we learned to share our experiences openly, with all the difficulties and risks. We created a dialogue and listened to each other – to the differences and the contradictory narratives, trying to experience and understand each other´s stories and histories.”
The question behind the whole trialogue was wether women are more able to bridge the nationalist and ethnic gaps than men? The reader can be the judge while reading these pages.
“Between the Lines” is not only a document of an impressive and ambitious project but also gives an impression how difficult it is to lead a isreaeli-palestinian-german trialogue whilst being trapped in the political, social and personal setting of the ongoing middle-east conflicts.
The project was initiated and coordinated in 1997 by Hannelore Chiout - former chair of DARE - when she lead the international department of Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungstätten. The publication was edited by Margot Brown and
Jenny Zobel, both Center for global education (also Members of DARE).

Between the Lines_ Voices of Women engendering Peace and Democracy, eds: Hannelore Chiout, Jenny Zobel, Margot Brown, 185 pages, Published by AdB, 2008. Please contact Larissa Döring to get a copy and to check postage costs in your country.