Thursday, 26 June 2008

Education and Action for Peace !

International Summerschool 2008 at the Kurt Loewenstein Education Centre/Germany (3.-10.8.2008)
The only battle worth waging – Education for Conflict Resolution through and with Peaceful methods for an end to global violence

War rages through countries across the world, with unthinkable consequences of violence, creating poverty among those affected, and creating a culture of violence among nations in a globalised world.
How can we fight for global peace, to end those conflicts even now destroying people’s lives and educate ourselves and others for a non-violent future?

The International Summerschool on this theme will look at the topic of Peace Education with an incredibly wide view. We will examine contemporary conflicts, with participants having the chances to discuss their own national situations, looking at realistic opportunities for international solidarity, conflict resolution and reconciliation. We will discuss the concepts of positive and negative peace, and whether guaranteeing peace by force can ever be right. The issue of militarism, and a global culture of violence will be a key theme, examining how violence exists not just in actions and events, but in structures. Violence on an institutional level will also be explored in the context of racism, patriarchy and oppression of minorities, right down to the level of our local situations and environments, such as the classroom and workplace.

Considering these issues will lead onto the question of ‘how best to educate for peace in a global context’? This will involve considering methods of education, questions of participation, involvement and equality, and the struggle to rediscover imaginative non-violent solutions to conflicts.

The chance to discuss and express these creative solutions will be given through working with one the several ‘Media Working Groups’, small groups working together for the week to discuss a specific topic area and to develop a media product relating to it (typical medias are Video, digital photo, theatre, newspaper, discussion).

As well as this there will run usually in the mornings, workshop sessions on specific subjects, many given by participants and guests with special experience of certain sub-topics that we intend to discuss.

We are pleased to invite a wide range of participants from across the world, and hope that you will respond to our call so that we can have as broad an input as possible into creating a lasting global peace through education, through new and innovative solutions, and through international cooperation.

If your organisation is interested to participate, do not hesitate to contact me in the educational centre “Kurt Loewenstein” at
We have limited resources to help participants with their travel costs. The participation fee depends on the country you come from. Please contact me to get further details.
The deadline for registration for those who needs a visa to enter Germany will be the 27th of June, for all others it is the 15th of July.

Looking forward to welcome you at the international summerschool 2008 in Werftpfuhl!
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