Friday, 6 June 2008

Advocacy for EDC/HRE in Adult Learning

Information from the second working group meeting in Berlin. 2-3 June 2008.

The main aim of the SIG is to develop a strategy for a wider recognition of DARE as Network of NGOs active in EDC/HRE on the European level (CoE and EU).

Within the current DARE Project the SIG is devoted to the planning and making of further steps on the way towards the planned Hearing on EDC/HRE with the European parliament. Based on recent research works in EDC/HRE we developed in Berlin an argumentation paper for a coherent policy framework for EDC/HRE in the EU. This shall be discussed with researchers, practitioners and decision-makers from the political level on a discussion group at the Conference on Intercultural Dialogue: Challenge and Task for Democratic Citizenship and Human Right Education (Vienna 14-16 Nov 08). Based on the All European Study on education for Democratic Citizenship Policies (2004) the members of the Advocacy Group developed a questionnaire to be filled by the DARE Partners until July 1st in order to get updated with relevant information on recent developments among the members. After discussing possible strategies towards a Hearing different Stakeholders from the European Union were identified, who are going to be contacted on from June 08 in order to gain support for it.

(SIG Members: Frank Elbers (HREA), Georg Pirker (AdB), Deyana Kurchieva (PBF), Richard Wassell (CfE)