Wednesday, 16 July 2008

New e-DARE: News on Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Europe

1. Information from the DARE project coordinator
Conference 'Intercultural Dialogue - Challenge for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education'
(Vienna, 14-16 November 2008)
Action and Research - DARE Special Interest Group
Human Rights Education at Austrian Schools
E-learning in EDC and HRE
7. Conference “Citizenship Education Facing Nationalism and Populism in Europe. Strategies - Competencies - Practice”
(Sofia, 6-8 November 2008)
8. Human Rights and Europe - discussion between academics from London universities about human rights in Europe
(London, 12 March 2008)
9. LimeSurvey: an open source tool for making your online surveys
10. New publications and materials
a. Compasito - Manual on human rights education for children (2008)
b. Living in democracy - Lesson plans for lower secondary level (EDC/HRE Volume III) (2008)
c. Human rights in 27 illustrations: to be downloaded for free
d. Children's rights illustrations and a children's rights quartet
e. A (sub)website informing children and adults on children's rights, and another on human rights
f. Teacher manual on intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning
11. Concepts of citizenship across Europe
12. Results of the Civic Education Ukraine Project (March 2005 - March 2008)