Thursday, 4 September 2008

Call for participation - Long Term Democracy Project

Subject: Only with your voice - Democracy Project, September 2008 - August 2009, Lithuania

Event description: this project is aimed to empower and train young people, active within your local and partner organizations, to develop local actions and associative strategies based on participation, intercultural education and human rights from an European perspective and be active in youth democracy development and decision-making.

  • to reflect on the expression and relevance of issues such as democracy, youth participation, youth policy development, non-formal education, human rights, intercultural learning to youth work;
  • to promote the principles of democratic youth participation at local, regional and national level;
  • to reflect upon the role and function of each civil society actor (young people, NGOs, public authorities - on local, regional and national levels) and to foster their cooperation;
  • to initiate innovative local youth actions based on local needs analysis;
  • to motivate and enable participants to act as multipliers, sharing their acquired competencies and experiences;
  • to create a space for sharing good practices of local youth work from all over Europe;
  • to promote non-formal education, peer education and life long learning process;
    to cooperate in a network with other participants strengthening the local organizations to contribute in building the civil society.
Calendar: the Long Term Project consist of four different phases:
  • First phase: introductory seminar - "Youth participation and local impact - international research implementation".
  • Second phase: implementation of local youth actions: presenting the youth participation and non-formal learning, decision-making process in the 8-15 schools. Concrete projects ideas will be worked our on the basis of analyses of local needs prepared by participants during first phase.
  • Third phase: implementation of national competition for the schools - the winners will attend the five-day International Summer Camp in Lithuania, consisting NATO simulation, etc.
  • Fourth phase: "Only with your voice" International Summer Camp: August 20-25, 2009 - evaluation meeting
Deadline: September 10, 2008

Location: Local Communities, Lithuania

Target group: the project will target youth from the disadvantaged backgrounds (rural areas, less access to international and intercultural learning, etc.); there is no age limit for the participants. If they are younger than 18 years old, a group leader is required. There is no background or experience requirement, but it is desirable to have a group leader well experienced in youth active participation activities.

Working language: English

Price: Activities, board and lodging are provided by the hosting organization. 70% of travel expenses to the International Summer Camp will be reimbursed.

Organiser: SARETAS GLOBAL YOUTH NETWORK (available after September 20)