Monday, 10 November 2008

Press Release: Conference in Vienna

DARE organises European conference in Vienna with more than 160 stakeholders in civic education

„Intercultural Dialogue: Challenge for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights “ is the topic of a European Conference in Vienna (Nov. 14.-16.), providing a forum for more than 160 stakeholders from 37 countries active in the twin fields of civic education and human rights education. The conference aims at fostering collaboration between practitioners, scholars and policy makers on a local, national and European level. Topics like framework policies for civic education and structural barriers in diversity management will be discussed in working groups. Participants can choose from various workshops including innovative educational tools and exchange of best practices in intercultural learning.

The conference is a part of the current DARE project 2007-2010 and is organised in cooperation with Zentrum polis – Politik lernen in der Schule and the Austrian Ministery for Education, Arts and Culture.

The European network DARE - Democracy and Human Rights in Europe consists at present of 44 member organisations from 28 European countries. DARE will use the results of this conference to prepare a hearing in the European parliament in spring 2009 on the topic „Human Rights Education and Democracy Education as Cross-Cutting Issues”.

More information and the detailed conference program for download at:

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