Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Compass HRE Manual in Roma Language

DARE member EIP Slovenia - School for Peace (NGO) contributes to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of UDRH with the first partial (and unofficial) translation of the Council of Europe's HRE manual COMPASS in Roma language. Not only this is one of the first such attempts in Europe (and the first HRE manual for youth in Roma language in Slovenia), but it is also done only in e-version using the up-to-date application Flipage.
The publication is to be used by Roma youth HRE trainers and for peer teaching, and has links to relevant on-line COMPASS pages. It contains basic information on HR, three selected activities and a simplified version of UDHR.

Make a personal contribution to the HR day and click on to flip through the pages now! Create a link to it or fw it to people/organisations that could make use of it. Enjoy the Roma language and hope one day it will be treated as a language equal to all others.

contact :
Ms Alenka Elena Begant/President EIP
EIP Slovenia - School for Peace
Robiceva Str. 9
SI-2341 Limbus
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