Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Message from European Youth Press

Dear participants of the DARE conference on Intercultural Dialogue in Vienna,

some days have passed since we all met at the banks of the Danube in Vienna, but I hope you are all still eager to see the result of the media coverage by

All texts, photographs and a video report are now online at Enjoy reading and watching the reports and interviews and feel free to leave comments.

In case you or your organization would be interested in establishing some sort of cooperation with Orange or the European Youth Press (EYP), I have added a small introductory text about EYP.

Should you have any further questions or proposals of collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact Ms Anna Sulewska at

What is the European Youth Press?

The European Youth Press is an umbrella association of young journalists in Europe. It involves more than 48,000 journalists who are less than 30 years of age.

The European Youth Press' primary objective is to ensure strong cooperation among national youth media structures through group projects. Moreover, the Press' overall aim is to strengthen the role of youth media and promote freedom of press in Europe. More information is available at

What is Orange?

Orange is the international event magazine of the European Youth Press.

It can appear either in the form of a printed magazine which is distributed among the participants of the event, online at or both in printed form and online. aims to provide an interactive, multimedial platform for event coverage. This can include videos, pod casts, pictures and different kinds of texts.

It’s not important how international an event itself is, as long as there are interesting stories for a European audience. is an English-based platform.

With Orange the European Youth Press aims to enable young people to give voice to their opinion on a European level and provide a critical view of media and politics through journalistic education as well as learning by doing.

Yannick Brusselmans, team coordinator,