Monday, 1 December 2008

New DARE members

Six new organizations joined the DARE Network during the past eleven months of 2008. They were confirmed at the DARE General Assembly meeting, which took place on November 14 in Vienna.

The Active Citizenship Foundation – Hungary.
The overall goal of the Active Citizenship Foundation is to contribute to the development of the participative democracy in Hungary by promoting education for active citizenship and human rights, supporting children and young people in having a meaningful say in the world around them and enabling them to be more conscious, active and responsible citizens in Hungary and globally.

Children Today Centre- Albania
The Center "Children Today" is an Albanian non-for profit organisation which aims to bring lasting improvements in the lives of the Albanian children. Under this vision, the center is completely engaged to cooperate with local, regional and international child focused actors. The Centre is actively contributing for the realization of children’s rights, their education, health, physical and psychological well-being as well as their normal development:

European Social Forum of Cyprus- Cyprus ESFC is a NGO (Non Government 0rganisation) acting in a Pancyprian level of local NGOs.
It covers four thematic levels as YOUTH CIVILIZATION & EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT AND AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT ,and Persons with Disabilities &Health problems(PWD)
Our main targets are the CO-ORDINATION of CYPRUS REPUBLIC) with the European Status , the European Citizenship through the promoting International and EU programs and networking:

European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy- Austria

ETC Graz is engaged both in a theoretical and practical manner in questions of the enforcement of human rights and democracy, with emphasis on human rights and human rights education, the rule of law, good governance, South-Eastern Europe and Human Security.The work of the ETC is based on (research) projects, measures concerning education and publications. The interdisciplinary approach which is used by the ETC links all aspects of democracy and human rights on the levels of research and transfer of knowledge, skills and attitudes:

Terra 1530 Moldova is a non-government oganisaiton which mission is to create and consolidate the capacities Sustainable Development of rural communities:

Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
The Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute is a non-profit, non-Governmental, non-partisan independent Organization active in programs with future orientation in areas related to human brain-modern technology-social transformation and the repercussions of relevant research for humanity. It has the following operating units:
· The New Media in Learning Laboratory
· The Civil Society and Future Affairs Unit
· The Technology For Peace Unit
· The Youth Promoting Peace Unit
· The Alternative Media Initiative
· The Brain, Neuroscience & Special Education Unit
CNTI is currently in a phase of evolution and restructuring. Its various peripheral operations in other projects plus informal activities in both research and social intervention of some of its associates and friends are in a process of being merged into the larger operation. The enlarged organization is registered under the name FUTURE WORLDS CENTER. Its web address has been secured at: