Wednesday, 28 January 2009

News from The European Parliament

News from theEuropean Parliaments CULT Secretariate:

"The coordinators agreed that, if the meeting agendas permitted this, the following organisations would be invited to attend the Committee for mini-hearings / exchanges of views:

DARE (Democracy and Human Rights Education) for a mini-hearing on 'Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education'. "

more information soon:)

Friday, 16 January 2009

Work Program 2009 of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency online

See for the annual work progam of the FRA.
I would also like to use this opportunity to inform you that the European Parliament yesterday adopted a report on fundamental rights drafted by Giusto Catania (GUE/NGL, Italy) by 401 votes in favour, 220 against and 67 abstentions. The report has several references to the Fundamental Rights Agency. I am attaching the EP resolution in its provisional version. A very short summary is available at:

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New DARE mailing list

Dear DARE members

Due to technical reasons the old DARE listserv ( doesn't work any longer, and has been replaced now by a new one:

This mailing list allows all persons who are on the subscribers list to send (from the e-mail adress(es) registered as subscriber) messages to all other subscribers, which means to all other members of the DARE network, without intervention of a third person (which, in other terms, means that it is an 'unmoderated' mailing list).

Today the first messages were sent on the mailing list, which is intended as being 'internal' (for DARE members). If you don't receive these messages whereas you think you should receive them, send me an email.


Monday, 12 January 2009

Help increasing the number of subscribers for e-DARE!

It would be good if e-DARE reaches more persons. After the Vienna conference e-DARE has been sent to all participants, who are invited to subscribe to e-DARE. I would like to invite more persons to subscribe to it! Therefore I ask your help: send me a list (in Word or Excel format) of the e-mail adresses of persons, organisations and institutions from your country, or from international organisations and institutions that you work with, you would like to be invited to subscribe to e-DARE. I will then compare the adresses with the e-DARE subscribers list, avoiding by this sending this invitation to subscribe to those who already are on the subscribers list, and send the next e-DARE, together with an invitation to subscribe to it, to all those who don't figure yet on the subscribers' list .

Many thanks in advance!

Wim Taelman

Next e-DARE

We are planning now the next issue of e-DARE. You are invited to send me your contributions at latest on 02 February 2009 (please stick to this deadline...). Sending out is planned for 17 February 2009. Let me know if you are envisaging a contribution. Many thanks in advance... Wim Taelman

Friday, 9 January 2009

Vacancies: Senior Training Officer and Training and Learning Administrator at International Alert (London)

The Training and Learning Team, (within the Peacebuilding Issues Programme (PIP), have the following two vacant posts:

Senior Training Officer

Salary: £33,665 p.a. (negotiable for an exceptional candidate) plus benefits

The Senior Training Officer will lead our work on training civilian personnel working in international peacebuilding missions, and Alerts strategic advocacy work in the UK.

The Senior Training Officer will play a key role in the expansion of our international peacebuilding training and learning programme. A skilled analyst with training and advocacy expertise, you will develop and implement a programme of work aimed at expanding our strategic approach in the UK and Europe. You will provide support to existing training and learning activities. You will also facilitate the European Group on Training; develop innovative approaches to learning; support improved design, implementation and assessment of programmes, and strengthen our efforts to influence policies and practices of donors and agencies through training and advocacy activities.

We are looking for a creative individual with the ability to lead innovation and contribute to impact. As well as excellent training/learning skills, you will have demonstrable experience in project and budget management. You will be a successful fundraiser and have proven ability in developing and implementing strategy.

You should have a graduate degree in a relevant field. The post is based in London, but you should be prepared to travel for short periods of up to 1-2 weeks, for a total of 3 months a year.

Training and Learning Administrator

Salary: £20,212 p.a. (negotiable for an exceptional candidate) plus benefits

We are looking for an Administrator experienced in financial monitoring and with excellent communication skills to join our dynamic Peacebuilding Issues Programme. A keen eye for detail is essential in this role.

You will be responsible for the financial and practical administration of a multi-partner training project funded by the European Commission. Highly organised, accurate and with excellent time management skills, you will work closely with the Training and Learning Team, the Finance Team and our different European Project Partners. As a member of the Training and Learning Team and the Peacebuilding Issues Programme, you will also contribute to and shape our projects. You will be responsible for the upkeep of our Training and Learning web page; the advertising courses, registration, distribution of materials and assistance to course delivery and follow-up.

You should have a graduate degree in a relevant field. The post is based in London, but you may be required to do some travel.

For job details and an application pack, visit

Alternatively, contact Yasmin Yusuf on 020 7627 6874 or email

Closing date: Wednesday 28th January 2009

Due to limited resources, only short-listed candidates will be further contacted after the closing date. International Alert is an equal opportunities employer. All applicants will be judged strictly on the basis of merit.

International Alert is an independent peacebuilding organisation that has worked for over 20 years to lay the foundations for lasting peace and security in communities affected by violent conflict. Our multifaceted approach focuses both in and across various regions; aiming to shape policies and practices that affect peacebuilding; and helping build skills and capacity through training. Our regional work is based in the African Great Lakes, West Africa, the South Caucasus, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Our thematic projects work at local, regional and international levels, focusing on cross-cutting issues critical to building sustainable peace. These include business and economy, gender, governance, aid, security and justice. We are one of the worlds leading peacebuilding NGOs with an estimated income of £8.4 million in 2008 and more than 120 staff based in London and our 11 field offices.

International Alert
346 Clapham Road
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0) 20 7627 6800
Fax +44 (0) 20 7627 6900

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Job ad: HRE Coordinator at Fundamental Rights Agency

Job Title: Human Rights Education Coordinator

Job Location: Vienna, Fundamental Rights Agency, External Relations and Networking Department

Deadline: 22.01.2009

Monday, 5 January 2009

Call for Proposals Europe for Citizens Programme

Call for proposals: Europe for Citizens Programme: Active Citizens for Europe, Active civil society in Europe and Active European Remembrance


Action 1 Measure 1.1 Town twinning citizens' meetings: 1 February, 1
April, 1 June, 1 September 2009
Action 1 Measure 1.2 The thematic networking of twinned towns: 1
February, 1 September 2009
Action 1 Measure 2.1 Citizens' projects: 1 June 2009
Action 1 Measure 2.2 Support measures: 1 June 2009
Action 2 Measure 3 Support for projects initiated by civil society
organizations: 15 February 2009
Action 4 Active European Remembrance: 30 April 2009

Budget line / available budget

Varying, see call for proposals

Objectives and supported actions

The Europe for Citizens Programme has the following specific objectives:

* bringing together people form local communities across Europe to share
and exchange experiences, opinions and values, to learn from history and
to build for the future
* fostering action, debate and reflection related to European
citizenship and democracy, shared values, common history and culture
through cooperation within civil society organisations at European level
* bringing Europe closer to its citizens by promoting Europe's values
and achievements, while preserving the memory of its past
* encouraging interaction between citizens and civil society
organisations from all participating countries contributing to
intercultural dialogue and bringing to the fore both Europe's diversity
and unity, with particular attention to activities aimed at developing
closer ties between citizens from Member States of the European Union as
constituted on 30 April 2004 and those form Member States which have
acceded since that date.

Action 1 - Active Citizens for Europe

Measure 1 - Town twinning

This measure is aimed at activities that involve or promote direct
exchanges between European citizens through their participation in
town-twining activities.

Measure 1.1 - Town twinning citizens' meetings

This measure is aimed at activities that involve or promote direct
exchanges between European citizens through their participation in
town-twinning activities. A project must involve municipalities from at
least 2 participating countries, of which at least one is an EU Member
State. The project must have a minimum of 25 international participants
coming from the invited municipalities, with at least 5 participants
from each invited municipality.

Measure 1.2 - Networks of twinned towns

This measure supports the development of networks created on the basis
of town twinning links, which are important for ensuring structured,
intense and multifaceted cooperation among municipalities, and therefore
for contributing to maximizing the impact of the Programme. A project
must foresee at least 3 events. It must involve municipalities from at
least 4 participating countries, of which at least one is an EU Member
State. The project must have a minimum of 30 international participants
coming from the invited municipalities.

Measure 2 - 'Citizens' projects' and 'Support measures'

Measure 2.1 - Citizens' projects

This measure addresses a major challenge of the European Union today:
how to bridge the gap between citizens and the European Union. It aims
at exploring original and innovative methodologies capable of
encouraging citizens' participation and stimulating the dialogue between
European citizens and the institutions of the European Union.

Measure 2.2 - Support measures

This measure is a tool to develop the quality of projects submitted
within Action 1 'Active Citizens for Europe'. It supports the exchange
of experiences, expertise and good practice, as well as activities which
may lead to the establishment of long-lasting partnerships and networks.

Action 2 - Active civil society in Europe

Measure 3 - Support for projects initiated by civil society

The aim of this measure is to support concrete projects promoted by
civil society organisations belonging to different participating
countries. These projects should raise awareness on matters of European
interest and contribute to foster mutual understanding on different
cultures and to identify common values through cooperation at European

A project must involve at least 2 participating countries, of which at
least one is an EU Member State.

Action 4 - Active European Remembrance

The aim of projects supported under this action is to keep alive the
memory of the victims of Nazism and Stalinism and to improve the
knowledge and understanding of present and future generations about what
took place in the camps and other places of mass-civilian extermination,
and why.


The Programme is open to all promoters established in one of the
countries participating to the Programme and being:

* a public body or
* a non-profit organisation with a legal status (legal personality).

Each action of the Programme is however targeting a more specific range of organisations. The eligibility of applicant organisations is therefore defined in the Programme Guide specifically for each measure/sub measure.

Countries eligible under this Programme are EU Member States and Croatia.

Legal basis

Decision No 1904/2006/EC

*Community contribution*

Varying, see call for proposals

*Publication reference*

2008/C 328/09

Contact (for Action 1 measures and general enquiries) (for Action 2 measures) (for Action 3 measures) (for Action 4 measures)

Directorate-General for Education and Culture:

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency: