Monday, 12 January 2009

Help increasing the number of subscribers for e-DARE!

It would be good if e-DARE reaches more persons. After the Vienna conference e-DARE has been sent to all participants, who are invited to subscribe to e-DARE. I would like to invite more persons to subscribe to it! Therefore I ask your help: send me a list (in Word or Excel format) of the e-mail adresses of persons, organisations and institutions from your country, or from international organisations and institutions that you work with, you would like to be invited to subscribe to e-DARE. I will then compare the adresses with the e-DARE subscribers list, avoiding by this sending this invitation to subscribe to those who already are on the subscribers list, and send the next e-DARE, together with an invitation to subscribe to it, to all those who don't figure yet on the subscribers' list .

Many thanks in advance!

Wim Taelman