Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Training Course on „Human Rights Methods in youth work“, taking place at International House Sonnenberg from April 2nd to 9th, 2009

We are very happy to announce that the application for our Training Course on Human Rights Methods (the idea was developed on the SIG II meeting in Rome in July) was accepted by the Youth in Action programme. We found a whole colourful bouquet of nine international partners – mostly members of the DARE network – who support the project, such as “Partners Bulgaria Foundation”, “Future Worlds Center” Cyprus, “Centre for Europe” Great Britain, “Human Rights Education Associates” Netherlands and the DARE network itself. Other countries involved are Lithuania, Georgia, Ucraine, Italy and of Germany as host country.

Each partner is going to send at least 4 young multipliers (between 18 and 30 years) to participate in the one-week training course that will cope with basic educational methods to involve the subject of Human Rights in youth work. Therefore a big variety of workshops, held by experienced trainers, will be offered. The aim of the training is to equip trainers and/or teachers who are already experienced in the field of youth work with a set of general knowledge and basic methodology on Human Rights education. Moreover there will be lots of chances for mutual exchange of experience and the development of new project ideas. Participants will be able to implement new methods and activities into their daily youth work, in order to raise awareness for Human Rights among young people all over Europe.

Costs: 145,- € (90,-€ reduced) participation fee,
the participants have to come up for 30% of their travel costs. 70% of the travel expenses will be reimbursed at the training according to receipts up to a maximum of 300,- Euros per person.

The facility “International House Sonnenberg” is situated in the beautiful National Park of the Harz Mountains, surrounded by the bigger cities of Hannover, Göttingen and Braunschweig. Besides the comfort of modern accommodation, tasty food, and well-equipped conference rooms, the picturesque scenery invites for relaxing hikes in the forests and mountains. For more information please check http://www.sonnenberg-international.de/Veranstaltungen/2009/details_uk.php?Mode=1&ID=16.

We are looking forward to an intense international week with new impulses, contacts and a high level of professional exchange on up-to-date methods of Human Rights Education. If you’re interested in participating, sending participants or running a workshop as a trainer, please write an email to k.poetzsch@sonnenberg-international.de.

Looking forward to welcome many active young multipliers in the first week of April!

Katja Pötzsch, Internationales Haus Sonnenberg