Tuesday, 2 June 2009

1989 Regime Change Simulation Presented at DARE Conference

More than 30 educators from 12 European countries met at the DARE Conference “Pathways Interconnecting History Education and Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education in Adult Learning” in Berlin on May 28-30, 2009. This conference was held in conjunction with the Geschichtsforum 09, one of the major German events commenorating the transitions of 1989 (http://www.geschichtsforum09.de/).

Among the best practices presented was a 4h simulation training "Understanding the mechanisms of 89: A simulation game on regime change for youth and adult multipliers". Set in a fictious socialist country at the eve of mass demonstrations, this simulation offers a holistic learning experience on the topic of the European regime changes in 1989ff. The simulation was developed by the transatlantic human rights network HUMANITY IN ACTION (HIA), http://www.humanityinaction.org/ , and financially supported by the German "Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur" http://www.stiftung-aufarbeitung.de/. HIA trainers and Senior Fellows Marta Kozlowska, Wilhelmina Welsch and Simone Müller invite other organizations to use this simulation and share experiences with different participant groups. A toolkit for further use will be published soon at http://www.dare-network.eu/berlin_conference.htm and in the DARE BLUE LINES.

Wilhelmina Welsch (Humanity in Action Deutschland e.V.) and Dagmar Kusa (EUROCLIO European Association of History Teachers) discuss the 89 simulation scenario.