Friday, 26 June 2009

Global Education on-line training course: the Human Rights Dimension


Human Rights Education: Addressing Global Challenges

The North-South Centre is happy to announce the online training course
Human Rights Education: Addressing Global Challenges offered by the North South Centre and The Network University (TNU).

This global education online learning course is designed for education practitioners, social workers, youth activists, as well as policy and decision makers.

It has been designed to complement the Global Education Guidelines, a pedagogical tool for educators and policy makers to understand and implement Global Education, and share with a wider audience concepts and approaches promoted by the North-South Centre's Global Education programme.

This course, under the main title "Global Education - The Human Rights Dimension", provides an introduction to human rights education as part of the Global Education context, and deals with its concepts, approaches, strategies and action, by considering its interconnections between the global and local.

The course is designed for professionals working in or with global education / human rights education, either as part of international organisations, national educational institutions or those working for national and local civil society organisations. The course also welcomes students with a special interest in the topic.

Course requirements:

Please note that all participants should:
* be in command of the English language;
* be able to spend a minimum of 8 hours per week on course work;
* have basic ICT skills and reliable access to internet ;

Please note that this is a moderated online course. This means that you will work together with other participants online, and no travelling will be necessary.

The upcoming course takes place from 20 July -15 Augustus, 2009.
Subsequent courses are announced on the website.

For additional information concerning the course and for registration (before 1 July) please access the COURSE WEBSITE.