Tuesday, 23 June 2009

News from the Citizenship Foundation: Young Muslim Leadership network

Citizenship Foundation is launching a new initiative for young people aged between 16 and 21 called the Young Muslim Leadership Network. The aim is to bring together young Muslims to talk about issues that affect the perceived alienation of Muslim Youth domestically and internationally. These young people will be able to get together and contact influential leaders in the media, in politics, law etc to gain a better understanding of the issues.
They will then go on to produce resources that can be used for their peers, teachers, youth workers and police for their local community and beyond. We hope to launch these resources nationally also.
This project is supported by the Department of Communities and Local Government and we have had considerable interest from very reputable and niche organisations who are keen to get involved. There will be three groups, two based in London (North West and East) and one in Birmingham. They will meet regularly to discuss issues and produce these resources.
The project will start with the first discussions in September 2009 with the aim to develop the first resources in March/April 2010.

Ruxandra Ratiu, Citizenship Foundation (UK)