Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Call for Articles: ‘Intercultural, Citizenship and Human Rights Education’

Special Issue of Educational Research: 2011

The special edition of Educational Research in 2011 will focus on developments in intercultural, citizenship and human rights education.

In our complex and rapidly changing world, this area of education is being given an increasingly prominent role in helping individuals, communities and societies to make a positive contribution/response to issues of social cohesion, intercultural understanding, participation and equity in society. This call for papers invites reports of original research, original critical reviews of recent research and leading-edge discussion articles from colleagues working in the area.

Articles must be accessible to the generalist reader and relevant to the journal’s international readership. Contributions from outside the UK are especially welcome. We are particularly interested in articles from a range of contexts and perspectives:

international, regional (Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa), national, local, school, classroom, community. Articles should fulfil one of the following functions:

  • provide a meta-analysis (review) of published educational research and bring greater clarity concerning conceptual understanding and gaps in the current evidence base
  • explore the range and type of developments underway and provide exemplars of and guidance on effective policies and practices
  • discuss the impact and implications of this area of education for practitioners and learners
  • review the progress and effectiveness of on-going developments and the transferability of emerging lessons
  • suggest future directions for policy, practice and research.

Articles should begin with a

structured abstract
, include up to six keywords, and should not normally exceed 5,000 words

. (For further guidance on submission,including instructions for structured abstracts, see the journal website at - select the Instructions for Authors tab)

Articles must be submitted by email to the Guest Editors, David Kerr and Avril Keating at

by 30th July 2010
at the latest. Emails must be clearly labelled ‘ER Intercultural, Citizenship and Human Rights Education Special Issue 2011 submission’.

Submissions will be subject to the Journal’s rigorous peer review process, based on

initial editor screening (all submissions) and refereeing by at least two anonymous referees for submissions selected from the initial screening.

Please note that, if your article is accepted for publication, you will need email access for receipt of your proofs.