Sunday, 20 June 2010

Citizenship through Religious Education

By Ted Huddleston

Citizenship through Religious Education is a new educational resource that provides teachers with ideas and activities for teaching Citizenship, within the context of Religious Education, at Key Stages 3 and 4.

It contains detailed lesson plans and resources, aimed at enabling teachers of Religious Education to build on their subject knowledge and expertise to teach elements of the Citizenship curriculum, during timetabled RE time, without blurring the boundaries between the two subjects.

The resource contains five themes based around a key question, such as: What happens when religious beliefs conflict with other social norms? How does religious identity impact on life in the UK today? What place is there for religion in public life? This enables student discussion around important topical issues, relating to the place of religion in contemporary society, which are rarely encountered in other educational resources. For example, the age of religious consent, religion and the law, religion and national identity, the morality of proselytism, the religious rights of atheists and agnostics, and the role of religion in the delivery of public services.

Citizenship through RE is part of series of teachers' books which deal with the teaching of Citizenship within the context of other school subjects and
activities. Each one is accompanied by an easily editable CD-ROM and is available from Folens (for an order, click on "view all titles").

Folens Publishers (UK), 'How to order...', e-mail.

Ted Huddleston (author of the publication), Associate of the Citizenship Foundation (UK)