Sunday, 20 June 2010

Conference 'Education and Citizenship in a Globalising World' (London, 19-20 November 2010)

Dear Colleagues,

Human rights educators will be very welcome to present at this conference.

Hugh Starkey


Education and Citizenship in a Globalising World (19-20 November 2010, Institute of Education University of London)

An international conference
The third international education conference convened jointly by the Institute of Education (IOE), London and Beijing Normal University (BNU). The languages of the conference will be English and Mandarin Chinese.

The conference sub-themes are listed below. We welcome contributions in the form of academic papers based on research or scholarship; case studies of practice in schools, communities and formal and informal education settings; reports of projects and initiatives at local, regional, national or international levels.

Contributions are welcome from academics and researchers from education, sociology, politics and other relevant disciplines, as well as teachers, political or community activists, and those working for NGOs, national or local government agencies.

1. Moral Education, Values and Citizenship
Within this strand will fall issues around moral authority, rights and responsibilities, and democracy in education. Also contained in strand 1 will be school approaches to moral and citizenship education, the promotion of children's rights through education, the tensions between local struggles and universal human rights, and the concepts and practice of active citizenship and service.

2. Sustainability, Development and Global Citizenship
This strand will encompass issues in education and sustainable development alongside an examination of the role of school partnerships and linkages in global citizenship education. Also relevant to strand 2 will be discussions on linking local, national and global agendas, as well as education and its role in the struggle for human dignity and the impact of citizenship education on peace, development and climate change.

3. Multicultural Education, Diversity and Social Cohesion
Within this strand will be discussion of the role of urban schools and issues of diversity in the context of citizenship education. Equally, the multicultural curriculum will be discussed, as will the impact of prejudice and discrimination on citizenship and society. Finally, issues around multilingualism and pluralingualism will be examined.

4. Patriotism, Cosmopolitanism and Education
The focus of this strand will be examination of issues around unity and diversity. This will include global interconnectedness and solidarity, textbooks and national narratives and the impact of patriotism. Also under discussion will be citizenship and history education and the role of education in developing cosmopolitan citizenship.

For further details see website. Abstracts of around 1000 words in length should be should be submitted by 11 June 2010 to

Hugh Starkey, Institute of Education, University of London (UK)