Saturday, 3 July 2010

Citizenship Reloaded: DARE Focus Meeting and Policy Recommendations

The DARE Focus Meeting “Citizenship Reloaded: The Demand for `Active Citizenship´ in Europe and its Implications for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE)" in Vilnius/Lithuania, July 1-3, 2010, brought together 37 stakeholders from 16 European countries. They explored challenges for EDC/HRE under rapidly changing European policy frames, such as the European and national qualification frameworks and their implications for non-formal EDC/HRE.

In his opening speech, the Lithuanian Minister for Education, Gintaras Steponavicius, stressed the link between history education and HRE/EDC and reminded the audience that in the Soviet Union “education was directed to kill normal citizenship feelings”. He stressed the important role of NGOs and diverse non-formal approaches and emphasized “we should not seek a uniform approach to EDC/HRE”.

Special attention was given to the recently adopted Council of Europe´s Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education and the future potential of this non-binding document to supporting the work of NGOs (as outlined in section II.5 of the charter).

Policy recommendations on “Validation and Assessment in Non-Formal EDC/HRE” and “The Impact of Active Citizenship on HRE/EDC” were drafted and will be published soon.

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