Thursday, 23 September 2010

DARE Video 12: Ade Sofola on youth participation and Youth Act

Ade Sofola is Director of Youth Act, an initiative aimed at engaging young people in political processes. Youth ACT™ supports groups of 11–18 year-olds to identify issues of concern to them and their communities and to develop campaigns to tackle them. Appointed to develop the project nationally, she also trains and supports young people and adults throughout the UK to develop skills and strategies to campaign on issues that affect the lives of their communities.

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This interview is part of a research project at the Citizenship Foundation) in London, conducted by Anne Stalfort (AdB Germany), and supported through the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (Grundtvig Visits and Exchanges).

The Citizenship Foundation is an independent education and participation charity that aims to encourage and enable individuals to engage in democratic society. Founded in 1989, its particular focus is on developing young people’s citizenship skills, knowledge and understanding of the law, democracy and public life. The Foundation does this by championing civic participation, supporting teachers and schools with the delivery of citizenship education and by working with young people in community-settings on issues that concern them.

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