Thursday, 16 September 2010

„Free and responsible” – joint human rights education programme for Hungarian high-schools and communities

This unique program is the joint effort of several activist NGOs and one government agency which work on topics ranging from sustainability, youth work and women’s rights to the work with disadvantaged groups such as ethnic minorities or the homeless. In the pilot phase the NGOs joined forces to offer a whole semester of human rights education workshops, each time a different organisation providing educational activities within their expertise. The coordinators of the programme worked closely with the schools in order to prepare and to process the workshops provided by members of the cooperation.

The joint human rights education programme is entering its second phase in September 2010. The cooperating NGOs will continue to offer their human rights education package to high-schools, however, a larger-scale action will also start to take place: community-based human rights education. This programme aims to consolidate the level of sensitivity to human rights violation in a given local community, as well as to support them in discovering the potential for local action for human rights and human rights education. Participants of the community-based programme are local young people and representatives of the organisations and institutions that work with them.

Participating organisations are: Active Citizenship Foundation (coordinator), Mobilitas Youth Service, Amnesty International Hungary, Haver Foundation, Labrisz Association, NANE Women’s Rights Association, Menedék Association, Szimpozion Association, and Streetwork Association.

Enikő Pap, Active Citizenship Foundation (Hungary)