Thursday, 2 September 2010

HIA France Runs Diversity Workshop for EU Civil Society and Releases Educational Toolbox

Fifteen European civil society members, including HIA Senior Fellows, came from Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Romania, the Czech Republic, France and Germany to take part in the workshop. The participants engaged in a series of seminars and interactive games focused on exposing some of the obstacles facing healthy public debate on crucial minority rights issues, and developing skills for facilitating such debates.

Among the more compelling issues discussed was the challenge of developing curricula on diversity issues that can work well across a variety of populations with varying cultures, geographies and historical backgrounds. Deciding that details of developing such curricula are best dealt with by organizations and individuals with a deep of their local population and environment, the workshop participants instead embarked on developing a simple, generic set of tools and resources related to minority issues that may be accessed and implemented by each local entity.

An educational, "Diversity Toolbox" was created. In addition to providing raw materials such as articles and films, the toolkit also contains sample projects and ideas to help generate new, more customized programming. In addition, a Facebook group was created in order to give EU civil society members a platform for discussion and feedback on the new ideas and resources.

Click here to access the Toolbox.

understanding Click here to view the Facebook group, Diversity: How to Encourage a European Debate.

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