Monday, 20 September 2010

Online self-training Course on Human Rights Education via platform

An online self-training Course on Human Rights Education is now available on the platform.

It is a VIS (Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo, Italy, initiative in collaboration with Salesian Department of Youth Ministry.

OBJECTIVES AND BENEFICIARIES: The course, available in Italian, English and Spanish, is addressed to formal and informal educators engaged in working with children and older youth and with people interested in training (and self-training) in education to and for human rights.

The first objective is to give qualification to the different contributions made by formal and informal educators through the updating of knowledge regarding educative and pedagogical techniques relating to education in values and human advancement, and in education to individual and social responsibility for social justice and solidarity.

The course is divided into eight thematic modules. Each module can be utilized independently, even if it has been built as a integrated educative project.

Each module consists of:

1. A thematic scheme of reference

2. The identification of an important day of annual celebration of the theme expressed in the module

3. Some activities proposed to children and young people from 8 to 17 years old. Some musical proposals and films, useful for the specific theme.

4. A glossary of technical terms used for the description of the theme outline.

5. A bibliography of documents used to elaborate the module and related to the theme.

6. A web bibliography, suggestions of web links related to the specific theme.

METHODOLOGY: The course proposes the use of online training methodology as a self-training course, that gives participants the opportunity to take the course wherever they may be (with an internet connection) and whenever they can (considering the timetable of the course) through the use of a computer and, particularly, the web site (e-learning section).

Being a self-training course, it is possible to make the registration in any useful time. From the moment the first test related to the first module has been compiled, there are 20 weeks useful to compile the course; if it will not compiled within 20 weeks, the access will not be more possible.

A Forum is open and each participant is invited to insert messages that could be a doubt, a provocation, a brief story on an educative experience, a simple question (without waiting for a reply).

Each course module is progressively put up online and available level by level. The evaluation is given by passing the test at the end of each module. Only after having compiled the test and with a positive result, can the participant proceed to the subsequent module.

FINAL TITLE: The participant who has successfully finished with the previous tests will receive a Diploma issued by both the Salesian Youth Ministry and VIS. Each participant will be able to download his own certificate.

REGISTRATION: It is enough to download the registration form, into the window “Register”. You will receive an username and password useful to access to the “E-LEARNING” Section.

CONTRIBUTE: Registration and participation to the Course is free.