Monday, 20 September 2010

Online self-training Course “Understanding to respect the faiths and cultures of Europe” via platform

A new self-training course “Understanding to respect the faiths and cultures of Europein two languages (Italian and English) is now available on the platform

The Promoters are the Centro Europeo di Gargnano (Brescia), Italian branch of Insertion (Brussels), the Association Voies de l’Orient with its headquarter in Brussels, the Department of Education of the University of Verona with the collaboration Cepof and Edulife, leading institutions in the production and administration of distant learning.

OBJECTIVES AND BENEFICIARIES: The objective of the project is promoting the capacity of intercultural dialogue and Education to Democratic citizenship of citizens through the prism of interreligious respect. The beneficiaries are young and adult people, that is, all citizens who, as builders of the city, common living space, are called upon the dialogue and reciprocal awareness of their own cultures, even in their religious side.


The learning programme is composed by four units:

1. Critical incidents
2. Stereotypes
3. Skills necessary for the dialogue
4. Best practices

METHODOLOGY: The course proposes the use of online training methodology as a self-training course, that gives students the opportunity to take the course wherever they may be (with an internet connection) and whenever they can through the use of a computer and, particularly, the web site ( e-learning section).

Being a self-training course, is possible to make the registration in any useful time.

REGISTRATION: It is enough to download the registration form, into the window “Register”. You will receive an username and password useful to access to the “E-LEARNING” Section.

CONTRIBUTE: Registration and participation to the Course is free.