Friday, 17 December 2010

CALL FOR INPUT: Forum on draft right to education indicators

The Right to Education Project has drafted more than 200 rights-based indicators for measuring the fulfilment of the State's obligation to ensure the right to education, as expressed in international human rights law.

These draft indicators are now the subject of testing and refinement. The Right to Education Project invites you to look at all of them and join our online Forum to reflect on their possible use, as well as to share your experiences and ideas.

Their aim is to push for greater accountability and define standards for how education must look. They can be used to support litigation on ESC rights, by advocating for the availability of good disaggregated data to inform the judiciary process. It is possible to create 'packages' around a theme, such as gender or disability, or have a focus on the financing of education.

Three initial guiding questions have been devised for your consideration. We encourage you to be as practical and as succinct as possible in your responses. Read more: .

Peter Hyll-Larsen
Right to Education Project Coordinator /
- "everyone has the right to education" (UDHR 1948)