Monday, 13 December 2010

Democracy and Human Rights Education in Adult Learning - compendium on the DARE network

Democracy and Human Rights Education in Adult Learning. A compendium on the DARE network and its main activities from 2007-2007.
This book is composed of tree parts:
First it contains background information on the developing EU policy frames that are relevant for the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Adult Learning. Second it screens and describes various fields and results of European research being done directly in the field of EDC/HRE as well as in neighbouring policy fields.
Embedded in it third the strategic networking activities of the DARE network (as a role model of GRUNDTVIG funded networks) are being developed, explained and described. Special attention is paid to describe the cascading and spill-over effects the single activities, instruments and methods are built on but also on the impact the activities had - and still have-  on the political level.

The main activities contain:
  • advocacy work: thematic policy recommendations and EDC/HRE Grassroots campaigns 
  • thematic networking activities: Focus meetings for educational experts and annual European stakeholder conferences
  • creation of specific communication channels: newsletter, textbooks for non-formal educational practice, video channels, blogs etc..

Each field of activity is explained detailed in relation to the overall aim of the 16 DARE project partners to create a european key network for EDC/HRE. Furthermore the interrelated single activities of the partner organisations to achieve this common goal are described. A short impact analysis sums up effects the networking process had on the level of the partner organisations.
By thus the book also offers the opportunity to serve as a How-to- tool for other Networks in the European GRUNDTVIG community.

The compendium on the DARE network can be ordered via email to Georg Pirker: