Friday, 17 December 2010

MATERIALS: "Migration on Tour": New Exhibition and Internet Module

In close cooperation with teachers and students the Democracy Center Vienna has developed the travelling exhibition “Migration on Tour”. The exhibition is dealing with different aspects of migration patterns in Europe – both currently and historically – and focuses on Austria as a country of migration. Although the main target group of the exhibition are students, it is also addressing the wider public.

The exhibition has been opened in fall and from now onwards can be seen in schools and public institutions all over Austria. At the beginning of the exhibition the students who were involved in the project share insights into their families’ migration histories. The individual migration stories represent altogether general migration trends in Austria – the students’ parents came to Austria to escape the wars in former Yugoslavia, to seek a job, or because parts of their families already lived in the country. Apart from exploring the developments in Austria, the exhibition also examines European and global phenomena of migration and informs about legal developments and circumstances. For the internet module, which accompanies the exhibition, students developed an interactive migration quiz.

Furthermore, a “tool kit” for using the exhibition in school lessons has been developed. Thus, “Migration on Tour” aims to offer new approaches to intercultural learning and strives to strengthen inclusive teaching. Teaching materials and further background knowledge are available on the internet platform:

The travelling exhibition has been realized together with our project partner “Minorities Initiative” (Vienna) and was funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research within the initiative “Sparkling Science: Science Linking with School, School Linking with Science”.

Project Director: Gertraud Diendorfer

Elisabeth Röhrlich, Democracy Center Vienna (Demokratiezentrum Wien)