Friday, 17 December 2010

PROJECT: Educating Children and Young People in a Changing Climate (Make the Link – Climate exChange)

Partners: Plan International UK (Leading organization), Citizenship Foundation UK, Stichting Plan Nederland, Partners Bulgaria Foundation

Location: UK, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Senegal, Kenya and Malawi

Duration: January 2010 – December 2012

Overall objectives of the project are:

To increase public awareness of the links between climate change, poverty and child rights and secure public support for EU policy on climate change issues

To increase actions at individual, school, community, local and national level that reduce contributions to green house gases.

Specific objective:

To develop meaningful interaction between young people in carbon-consuming EU countries and young people in vulnerable African countries, generating learning and action in support of climate change mitigation and adaptation at the local and global level.

The project will influence 36,000 young people aged 11-19 in schools and youth groups in UK, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Senegal, Kenya and Malawi; 369 teachers/youth workers from participating schools; local and national level decision-makers in target countries; members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in the home communities of the participating schools.

Wider beneficiaries: parents, families, peer groups beyond school, local communities.

The foreseen actions are:

Production of teaching tools and learning materials; training of teachers/youth workers; cycle of climate change learning with young people in schools and after school clubs; learning and exchanges between young people via multi-language interactive web platform; climate change actions in schools and communities; advocacy training for young people to become change agents; advocacy actions on climate change with decision-makers and MEPs. Media engagement with young people.

Estimated results are:

36,000 young people are well informed about climate change and empowered to become local change agents 2)

369 teachers and youth workers have increased competence to sustain curriculum and extra-curricular work on climate change in schools and promote cross-cultural understanding 3)

An effective platform developed for linking young people in Europe and Africa to learn and exchange experiences on reducing climate change and poverty 4)

Young people take action in their schools and communities to raise public awareness and support for policy on climate change and poverty reduction.

Petya Dimitrova

Partners Bulgaria Foundation