Friday, 17 December 2010

PUBLICATION: Safe Internet. Teacher's Book. Published by Partners Bulgaria Foundation, 2010

Nowadays children spend much more time in front of computers than before. They use the huge potential of the Internet mainly for entertainment and new acquaintances rather than for training. Parents and experts worldwide are concerned about some negative trends. Anonymity in chats brings great threat to children of falling with unscrupulous persons, who use fake identity. Children may come across paedophiles or get involved in porn production.

Children are a particularly vulnerable group in their effort to explore their sexuality, their desire for independence out of the parental control.

One of the key issues in safe internet training is related to the school curriculum and the participation of school and community in this process.

Based on this PBF team developed Safe Internet Teacher’s Book. Its thematic modules are intended for Informational Technologies classes from 5th to 7th grade in elementary schools, which implement state policy for taking measures for students’ safety.

Lora Lalova, Partners Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria)