Friday, 10 December 2010

SYNCHRONISED ACTION DAYS 2010 - Democracy and Human Rights Education

Žiūrėti DARE Network Synchronised Action Days 2010 didesniame žemėlapyje

The DARE Network has invited educational organisations from all over Europe to contribute to the SYNCHRONISED ACTION DAYS 2010 with their EDC/HRE-activities taking place around Human Rights Day.

SYNCHRONISED ACTION DAYS raise awareness for the work and the services being delivered by NGOs in the field of Education for Active Citizenship all over Europe.

About 70 selected activities of the SYNCHRONIZED ACTION DAYS 2010 are presented online at:

The activities cover the whole spectrum of Active Citizenship Education in non-formal adult and youth education, ranging from traditional seminars and trainings to e-learning and campaigns on European as well as on local issues.

The SYNCHRONIZED ACTION DAYS are part of the current DARE- Project – Democracy and Human Rights Education in Adult Learning (EU Project No. 134263-LLP-1-2007-DE-Grundtvig-GNW).

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(10. December 2010)

Georg Pirker