Thursday, 24 February 2011

2011 Call for Study sessions with the EYC

Hereby we would like to inform you that the process for applications for activities to be held in cooperation with the European Youth Centre is now open. These activities concern, in majority, study sessions in the centre’s programmes. Study sessions may last from 4 to 8 eight working days and bring together between 20 to 40 participants. Double study sessions may bring together up to 70 participants. In addition to study sessions, international/European youth organisations and networks may also apply for symposia or for “special projects”.

The programme of activities of 2012 will be the first to be run according to the work priorities of the youth sector of the Council of Europe as defined by the Agenda 2020, adopted by the Conference of Youth Ministers in October 2008. According to this, the priorities for 2010-2012 are the following:
  1.  Human rights and democracy: youth policy and youth work promoting the core values of the Council of Europe
  2. - Living together in diverse societies: youth policy and youth work promoting intercultural dialogue
  3. - Social inclusion of young people
  4. - Policy approaches and instruments benefiting young people and children
The full details of the sub-themes in each priority can be consulted here:

Study sessions applications are welcome for the first three priorities.

For the Council of Europe, the programme of study sessions represents an important way of associating young people to the mission of the Council of Europe in relation to youth policy. They are also a concrete means of support to youth organisations and networks, notably by covering the costs of the activity and providing professional educational support.
Youth organisations and networks intending to apply for a study session for the first semester of 2012 should fill in send their application by April 1 to . The activities proposed should contribute to the thematic priorities above-mentioned while preserving the independence and autonomy of the youth organisations applying. An application is also appended to this message.

get the forms and criteria etc here:
Should you have any questions about study sessions, symposia or “special projects”, please address them to:  

Centre Européen de la Jeunesse
30, rue Pierre de Coubertin
F - 67000 Strasbourg
Fon: +33 3 88 41 22 94

Please note that Study sessions are run in cooperation with international non-governmental youth organisations. Any queries about those activities must be addressed to these organisations.