Wednesday, 16 February 2011

EDC/HRE Volume I: Educating for democracy - Background materials on democratic citizenship and human rights education for teachers

The objective of this manual is to support teachers and practitioners in Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE). It addresses key questions about EDC and HRE, including competences for democratic citizenship, the objectives and basic principles of EDC/HRE, and a whole school approach to education for democracy and human rights. The manual consists of three parts. Part I outlines the basic principles of EDC/HRE as far as they are helpful and meaningful for the practitioner. Part II gives guidelines and tools to design, support and assess the students' processes of constructivist and interactive learning. Part III provides toolboxes for teachers and students in EDC/HRE. The other volumes in this series offer concrete teaching models and materials in EDC/HRE for pupils from elementary to upper secondary level.

Author(s) : Rolf Gollob, Peter Krapf, Wiltrud Weidinger (editors)
ISBN : 978-92-871-6920-4
Format : A4
No. of pages : 155
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