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The European Wergeland Centre - Newsletter #20/February 2011

1. News from the EWC

Reimagining Democratic Societies: A New Era of Personal and Social

Conference on the responsibility of higher
education for democracy and social cohesion "Reimagining
Democratic Societies: A New Era of Personal and Social
Responsibilities?" is the theme for the upcoming international
conference that will take place in Oslo; 27-29 June.

This conference is part of the cooperation between different partners; the
Council of Europe, the US Steering Committee of the International
Consortium for higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy; the
University of Oslo and the European Wergeland Centre, committed to
promoting democracy, human rights and the rule of law as well as social
cohesion and intercultural dialogue, and their belief in the key role of
education in furthering these goals.

100-150 higher education leaders and representatives of public authorities
from the United States and Europe with some participants also from other
parts of the world as well ! as from NGOs are expected to take part in
this conference.

2. Capacity Building

Educators' Consultations

To encourage dialogue among researchers and practitioners, the EWC
annually organizes seminars and workshops for teacher trainers, teachers
and other educators from Europe and beyond.

In 2011, the Educators' Consultations will focus on the findings of the
IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS). The EWC
regards the findings of the study, which was published in autumn 2010,
extremely interesting with regard to basic! challenges of EDC in
schools. The study will be the initial point for discussions with
teachers and teacher trainers in different European countries: Austria,
Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and others.

Last chance for this year's Summer Academy: Democracy at School

The deadline for applications to participate in the Summer Academy 2011 in
Poland expires on 25th February. There is great interest to take part in
this event, and a selection of participants will be made shortly. The
Summer Academy 2011 will take place in Warsaw, 9-16 July. It is a joint
cooperation between the Polish Ministry of National Education, Centre for
Education Development in Poland, Council of Europe and EWC.

Online Community of Practice

In cooperation with the Council of Europe's Pestalozzi Programme, the EWC
is developing an online Community of Practice for education professionals
in the field of education for democratic citizenship, human rights and
intercultural understanding. An international group of experts from the
CoE Pestalozzi Programme Network of Trainers is currently testing the
pilot version of the site in cooperation with the EWC. The Community of
Practice is scheduled for implementation in late 2011.

3. Research and Development

Evaluation of Transversal Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge

In 2011 and 2012, a working group constituted by the Pestalozzi Programme
and the EWC will work on the development ! of a tool kit for the
evaluation of transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge (TASK). The
intended outcome of the working process is a resource giving teacher
trainers and teachers the opportunity to tailor-make their own methodology
in order to measure learning outcomes related to "soft skills" in learning
processes in the field of democratic citizenship, human rights and
intercultural understanding.

4. Useful Resources

EWC's online library offers free access to resources in the field of
education for democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural
understanding. Stay up to date on teaching materials, books, surveys and
conference reports.

View the ICCS European Report; Civic knowledge, attitudes and engagement
among lower-secondary students in 24 European countries

Do you have a publication you think should be available in the EWC
library, please send it to:

5. EWC calendar and events

February 9: The EWC Director, Ana Perona, gave a presentation of the
Centre at the CoE Committee of Ministers meeting.

February 15: A delegation from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and
Research (Department of Policy Analysis, Lifelong Learning and
International Affairs) visited the EWC to be updated on current and future

March 14: The Fifth Inter-Institutional Meeting organized by the Council
of Europe on "Strategies for the Implementation of Regional and
International Texts on Citizenship and Human Rights Education"

March 29 - April 1: EWC's R&D coordinator, Dr Claudia Lenz, will
participate in a jury in the Academy of Central European Schools (aces).
The programme aims at supporting the establishment of a Central European
network of schools. In 2010, the aces invited teachers and students to
submit partnership project proposals on the topic "Create your solutions!
Dealing with conflicts in schools and our surroundings". The winners of
the contest will be decided at a meeting in Prague at the end of April.

March 30 - April 1: The EWC has been invited by the Association of Local
Democracy Agencies to join the international conference "Regional
partnership for intercultural exchange in the Balkans" in Mostar/Bosnia
Herzegovina. The conference will give an overview of activities
implemented over the past two years and provide space for interaction and
debate on key concepts related to democratic participation and good local

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