Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Call for European Web 2.0 Projects: Deadline March 20

The NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education - initiative promoted by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education is starting a European-wide call for good practice projects in the field of Web 2.0 to be presented at the NECE Workshop in Brno (Czech Republic). Detailed information concerning the background, aims and entry conditions you may find at the NECE Website

Submission deadline is 20 March 2011.
Participation is on invitation only.

The workshop takes place from 7-9 April 2011 in Brno (Czech Republic) and is organised by the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Czech Center of Civic Education at the University Brno, supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the ERSTE Foundation.

Contact (on behalf of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education)
Anita Baschant
lab concepts - Laboratory for Conception and Realisation for Politics, Education and Culture GmbH