Monday, 28 March 2011

Letter from the Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Spring has come! It brought the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training, which was just adopted by the Human Rights Council on 24 March and is expected to be adopted by the UN General Assembly in December. With the Declaration we, educators and activists, have another international instrument that emphasises the importance of education about and for democracy, active citizenship and human rights. It commits governments to making more resources available and support NGO's like DARE and it members in their work.

With Spring also come new DARE activities. Next week the second DARE Spring Academy will take place in Sonnenberg (Germany). Thirty multipliers in youth work from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom will participate in "Human Rights CREATIVE". From 22-28 May DARE and the Educational Centre Kurt Löwenstein organise a GRUNDTVIG In-Service Training on the issue of Education Strategies against Right-Wing Extremism and Group- Focused Enmity in Europe.

We will keep you informed via e-DARE and the DARE website about other upcoming events organised by DARE and DARE members. But please, already mark your calendar: DARE's General Assembly will take place in Warsaw on 19 November.

Warmest wishes,

Frank Elbers