Friday, 25 March 2011

PUBLICATION: Youth-related Risks and Dangers

The manual was produced in the framework of the third phase of Child Trafficking Response Programme (CTRP) in South East Europe, which is managed by Save the Children in Albania.

The main objective of “Youth-related Risks and Dangers” is to provide training guidelines incorporating the peer education method and suggest a variety of exercises covering nine issue-based themes for peer leaders to organise and conduct peer-to-peer sessions. It should also be seen as a tool to complement youth activities within a programme for prevention of some of the risks experienced by adolescents. The peer education method is presented as an effective and age-adapted way to provide information and guidance on issues that concern adolescents’ lives (ex. sexuality, substance use, violence, safe migration, etc) within an informal education setting, whose main driving force is the open dialogue between equals.

“Youth-related Risks and Dangers” was elaborated with the active participation and contribution of the young people who have been volunteers in the programme for more than three years. Thus, the authors ensured that the content of the manual is not only relevant, but also interesting and useful to the young people who will use it to organise and conduct peer-to-peer or information sessions. The manual could also be used by teachers and other school professionals who want to involve young people’s participation in academic and extracurricular activities. “Youth-related Risks and Dangers” is available in English and Bulgarian.

In the last phase of the CTRP, Partners Bulgaria Foundation focused its activities not only on direct work with children at risk and peer leaders, but also on building the capacity of professionals with child protection mandate. This component led to the elaboration of a 3-module training programme, including valuable training materials: “Child Rights, Trafficking and Safe Migration”, “Methodology for Identification of Children Potential Victims of Human Trafficking” and “Positive Approaches towards Primary Prevention of Child Abuse”.

Lora Lalova
Partners Bulgaria Foundation