Saturday, 9 April 2011

The EWC Statement Series – first issue is available now!

This is the first issue of the EWC Statement Series, a collection of expert statements, which have been regularly published since the beginning of 2010, on the EWC homepage. Scholars and other education professionals have been invited to publish their views on current research and scholarly debates in the field of Education for Human Rights (HRE), Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Intercultural Understanding (ICE).

With this statement series, the EWC wants to make the results of theoretical debates and empirical studies available for non-academics and invite them to actively make use of them. Facilitating access to research is an important part of the EWCs mandate and mirrored in several of our activities.

The EWC Statement Series challenges notions of excellence and expertise as reserved to a small elite and linked to highly ritualized and restricted rules of access. It opts for the dynamic and transparent nature of knowledge development by inviting experts - not in order to come up with compressed versions of research findings but with a description of relevant academic positions reflecting ongoing debates and developments in the field of EDC, HRE, ICE.

The contributions in this series show the relevance of theoretical and empirical input for the development within the field which links policy making, societal change, the professional development of educators, and the way in which future generations will be prepared to live together as equals in open and diverse societies. We wish for these statements to give educators impulses for the reflection and development of their own professional practice.

Download the EWC Statement Series, First Issue 2011