Thursday, 30 June 2011

DARE EDC/HRE Action Days 2011

DARE prepares for the next EDC/HRE Action Days 2011!

To make Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education visible in Europe DARE is currently preparing the next series of EDC/HRE action days.

EDC/HRE is inclusive and work with all people! The scope of EDC/HRE applied work with diverse target groups is thus expansive and unending. Whether it is with adult learners or youth, target groups that have specific needs, multipliers, teachers and children seniors, both in formal educational settings or within the wide field of non-formal education; EDC/HRE Action Days are instrumental to communicate the work being done on the ground.

DARE organizes the Action Days every year during the weeks leading to Human Rights Day (Dec. 10th) They are a powerful tool to communicate the work done in EDC/HRE all over Europe.

Each year DARE collects interesting and relevant initiatives from the field of EDC/HRE work from the local to the European level and presents them on an interactive map. An index on the map as well as a detailed explanation sheet on each activity provides to in depth information and gives an overview on the variety of educationbal activities and approaches happening in EDC/HRE. Furthermore it may help interested people to identify an activity taking place in their country where they could participate.

The EDC/HRE Action days 2011 are going to happen from 1st November 2011 until 10th December 2011.

The call will be launched in September 2011.

For more information contact Georg Pirker via