Monday, 27 June 2011

Human Rights Education through Dilemma Simulations

Humanity in Action (HIA) has developed innovative simulations on human rights dilemmas for use in adult education.

The topics of the simulations are:
- Business Ethics in a Globalized Economy
- Human Rights, National Security, and Preventive Detention

Simulation games are an innovative educational tool linking human rights education with political and history education. Simulating human rights dilemmas provides a playful way of learning and understanding the complex political dynamics behind them. Participants assume the roles of different interest groups, explore driving forces and historical backgrounds of a conflict, and strive for an acceptable compromise in negotiations. A simulation is an abstraction which inevitably involves simplification. The focus lies on exposing mechanisms of political decision making.

The simulations manuals (scenario, background information, role cards, guidelines for facilitators) can be downloaded for free at the “Teaching Tools” section of the HIA website.

The simulation development was supported by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future and the German Federal Foreign Office.