Thursday, 30 June 2011

PROJECT: “Go Lightly” – youths reduce their carbon footprint

The “Make the Link – Climate exChange” project, funded by the EC, is focused on: raising awareness among youths on climate change and its impact at local, national and global level; on how climate change affects poverty and children rights; on encouraging active citizenship and youth participation; on exchanging experience and ideas among students from the UK, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Kenya, Malawi and Senegal.

Two tools have been developed to support the efforts of the project’s team: Learning resources ( and web-platform ( In addition, teachers had an opportunity to receive qualified training on the usage of the materials.

At this moment, 33 schools in Bulgaria have signed a MoU to work on the project in Bulgaria and 92 teachers attended the trainings and now teach their students on climate change in their classes or eco-clubs.

The Youth Climate Network was established. Its members organized and carried out a campaign “Save Today to Have Tomorrow” whose main purpose was to make students aware of the importance of saving resources and to promote separate waste collection. 30 schools participated the event; and to assure sustainability, they received 3-coloured bins. Also, within the campaign, a poster-competition took place, and with the assistance of National Eco-parliament the winners were awarded.

Moreover, 2 grants schemes are available for the participating schools: so called Small grants (5 grants are awarded) and Active citizenship grants (3 grants are awarded). Within running their AC grant, Geo Milev Highschool in Varna developed and organized a campaign on reusable bags. They prepared by themselves textile bags and disseminated them in large supermarkets in Varna, while giving the information for the importance of taking action to reduce our domestic carbon emissions.

Petya Dimitrova, Partners Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria)