Thursday, 29 September 2011

EVENT: GRAMNet Film Series

GRAMNet Film Series 2011/12

GRAMNet, BEMIS & Glasgow Human Rights Network

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the GRAMNet Film Series for 2011/12 !!

Please download our brochure for screening information: 2011/12 GRAMNet film series brochure.

Our first screening is on Wednesday 12 Oct 2011 at 5.30pm in the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) :

Tawona’s Story (2010) in observance of International Day Of Non-Violence & Black History Month

Tawona’s Story is screened free thanks to Director Gameli Tordzro.

The series is organised in partnership between GRAMNet (Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network) and BEMIS (Black and Ethnic Minorities Infrastructure in Scotland), with the support of the newly established Glasgow Human Rights Network (GHRN).  This year we will showcase films and documentaries addressing a whole range of migration-related issues including: journeys and narratives; asylum and immigration bureaucracies; recognition and social justice; deportation and humiliation; separation and reunion.

The ethos underpinning the 2011/12 film series is ‘Think Global, Act Local’, through which we wish to promote active citizenship and human rights education. Screenings are accompanied by forums and Q&A for everyone to share views and thoughts in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The audience is warmly invited to congregate in the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) CafĂ© following each screening to continue our informal discussions.

Screenings are free of charge, open to all & start at 5.30pm
Should you wish to reserve a ticket for any of the screenings, please contact the CCA.

For more info, see the GRAMNet Film Series website or BEMIS:

Rami Ousta, BEMIS (UK)