Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Launch of European Partnership on Overcoming Group-Focused Hostility

Six European NGOs have just started networking on the topic:„Adult Education Strategies to Overcome Group-Focused Hostility in Europe”. In the framework of an EU Grundtvig project, the partners will exchange best practices, discuss national particularities of educational strategies to tackle group-focused hostility and identify common all-European approaches.

Read about the background of the term and concept "group-focused hostility"

Throughout 2011-2013, the partners will host a series of expert meetings in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Slovenia. If you are interested in contributing to these meetings, please get in touch!

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Check the agenda of the launching meeting on Nov 4, 2011, in Berlin

The partnership aims at exchanging European adult education strategies to overcome group-focused hostility and right-wing extremist attitudes. Over a period of two years, six partner organisations from six different European countries visit each other and exchange best practices in adult education to work against group-focused hostility and right-wing extremist attitudes (racism, anti-immigrant attitudes, antisemitism, islamophobia, anticiganism, homophobia, etc.).

The partners will reflect about the political, economical and social contexts of group-focused hostility in the respective countries, and about common core elements of devaluating "weak" groups in European societies. Most importantly, elements of successful adult education practices in the field will be identified and the potential for European transfer will be explored.

The partnership will enable the participating organisations to reflect and transfer best practices as well as to develop a common European perspective on the topic. As a result of the partnership, a success-story booklet presenting transferable educational approaches from all over Europe will be published for further use as a European learning resource in this field.

Project Background:
Negative attitudes towards disadvantaged societal groups in particular, and towards diversity in general, are a barrier to integration and social cohesion. With the Amsterdam Treaty in 1997 the European Union agreed on joint action against prejudice and discrimination towards several target groups.

Since then, a lot of work has been done to collect evidence, monitor certain group-focused hostile "-isms" and provide recommendations for policy makers and practictioners. Still, NGOs delivering non-formal, low-threshold adult education in this field tend to work in isolation, and with limited access to cross-border cooperation. This project will allow the partners to exchange and develop adult education practices focused on reality-based intergroup experiences instead of stereotype-based perceptions.

Bulgaria: Minority Studies Society Studii Romani
Germany: Humanity in Action Deutschland e.V.
Hungary: Jachad Jewish Youth Organisation
Poland: Edith Stein Society
Slovenia: Center for Citizenship Education
Spain: Union Romani

The project „Adult Education Strategies to Overcome Group-Focused Hostility in Europe ”, German Project Code.: 2011-1-DE2-GRU06-07815 1, is funded with support from the European Commission.