Friday, 21 October 2011

New HRE Manual: Using Poster Artwork to Promote Discussion on Racism

Recognising that creativity can be an effective way to promote reflection on human rights issues, the manual uses visual images (posters) to promote interactive discussion and critical thinking amongst young people about racism and discrimination. The manual is entitled "Racism Revealed: A Manual for Educators on Using Poster Artwork to Promote Discussion on Racism" and is available for download on Amnesty International Slovenia's website:

The manual was developed within a project entitled "Ljubljana Poster Festival '11: The Faces of Racism Revealed." The aim of the poster festival is to use posters as a means of promoting positive social change. You can therefore also download any of the posters from the Faces of Racism Revealed exhibition and use them in your work to foster tolerance, understanding and respect for diversity among young people - click on the link below to find out more: Amnesty International Slovenia has also been running educational visits of the poster exhibition for school groups, using the posters to promote debate about racism. To find out more about the project please see: