Thursday, 15 December 2011

Conference: Closing the empowerment gap - how to adress educationally disadvantaged groups - documentation online

The conference : "Closing the empowement gap - how to adress educationally disadvantaged groups", co-organised by the german Federal Agency for Civic Edcuation (BpB),  Polish Center for Citizenship Education, the Austrian Ministry for Education and Culture, ProDemos (NL), the Czech Center fro Citizenship Education,  Institute of public affairs (PL) and the DARE network brought together around 200 experts from all over Europe and the world to intensively discuss the issue of citizenship education adressing and working with educationally disadvantaged groups.

Three main debates where guiding the whole conference:
*  state driven (school) curricula for Citizenship education vs global challenges citizenship education should give an answer to
* the new social media and citizenship education
* capitalistic economy and markets driving state and transnational policy vs democratic participation of societies in the current financial crisis

DARE members widely participated as experts and moderators in workshops and contributed to facilitate policy panels with experts from the COE, the ODIHR and the EU.

A multimedia conference documentation can be viewed on the blog:

On behalf of the DARE network we wanted to thank participants for their much appreciated inputs and expertise as well as to the organising partners for the smooth running of the conference in the superb venue at Fabryka Trcziny in Warsaw.
Policy recommendations arising from the panels will be discussed in the DARE board and published beginning of next year.