Friday, 16 December 2011

DARE Video 21: David Kerr on Intergenerational Citizenship Education

At the 2011 NECE Conference (Nov 17-19, Warsaw), David Kerr, Director of Educational Programmes at the Citizenship Foundation (UK) pointed out the need for intergenerational citizenship education responding to the challenges of an ageing population.
He also stressed the enormous potential of linking formal and non-formal citizenship education: “Citizenship is one of the areas where you can really link what is learned in classrooms to what goes on outside. (…) It is not an either-or: You need the learning bit and the living bit and they both need to reflect on each other.”

Click below for the full interview:

The NECE conference: "Closing the empowement gap - how to adress educationally disadvantaged groups" was organised by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, the Polish Center for Citizenship Education, the Austrian Ministry for Education and Culture, ProDemos (NL), the Czech Center for Citizenship Education, the Institute of Public Affairs (PL) and the DARE network. The conference brought together around 200 experts from all over Europe and the world to explore the issue of citizenship education based on the needs of educationally disadvantaged groups.

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