Thursday, 23 August 2012

Citizenship Foundation: Call for partners in the Youth in Action programme

The EC has launched two calls for proposals under the „Youth in Action‟ programme. The first call aims at encouraging „Innovation and Equality‟. It seeks to support projects targeting the introduction, implementation and promotion of innovative and qualitative elements in non-formal education and youth work. These innovative aspects may relate to: the content and objectives, in line with the development of the European co-operation framework in the youth field and the priorities of the „Youth in Action‟ programme; and/or, the methodology applied, bringing new ideas and approaches to the field of non-formal education and youth. ISSUE: EI 08:12 – AUGUST 2012 17

The second call for proposals for „Youth Support Systems‟ aims at supporting partnerships with regional or local public bodies or other stakeholders active in the youth sector at European level in order to develop over the long-term projects which combine various measures of the „Youth in Action‟ programme. This mechanism aims at encouraging synergies and co-operation between the EC, via the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, and the different actors working in the field of youth by pooling resources and practices with a view to maximising the impact of the programme and to reaching out to a higher number of beneficiaries.)

Citizenship Foundation is looking to form international partnerships and  would be interested in joining proposals of any DARE members and beyond. Any info would be useful.
please contact: