Thursday, 20 September 2012

DARE talk with African Delegation: successfull strategies to raise awareness for EDC/HRE among children and young people

A mixed delegation with 16 representatives from Malawi, Ghana, Kenia, Namibia, Simbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana, Liberia, Angola, South-Sudan and Tansania visited DARE to explore the and discuss the experience of successfull educational strategies/programs on childrens rights in Europe. Georg Pirker introduced various concepts and workshops done by several DARE members from all over Europe. The participants -  among the, top-level  Lawyers, NGO-Representatives, judges, members of HR Commissions and journalists - enjoyed a fruitful discussion and showed special in the experience mutual cooperation of formal and non-formal education in order to create lasting success.
The two hours meeting was much to short to in-debth discuss all of the questions and topics arising during the meeting; nevertheless DARE is extremely pleased to be selected as partner by the German foreign office to host such a delegation.