Monday, 24 September 2012

European Focus Meeting “The Effects and Challenges of the Economical Crisis on NGO’s", 8/9th Ocober 2012, ROME /IT

Twenty years ago HRE/EDC was something new, developing. In the meantime it has progressed to an important integral part of almost all European intergovernmental organizations and their programmes. Along with that development and support grew the number of INGOs, national NGOs, networks and successful HRE/EDC programmes all over Europe. HRE/EDC became part of formal education policies in all European countries, and – according to the second phase of the UN World HRE Programme - it is making its way into universities and civil servants sector. DARE Network, as the biggest European NGO network in HRE/EDC, is itself an outcome of this process of growth.

The financial and economic crisis has affected the entire EU. Many countries have implemented austerity measures with spending cuts on public health services, unemployment and welfare benefits, social security and housing benefits, legal aid, etc. This has led to an increased burden on civil society organisations: reduced budgets but increased demand for services.

The situation in many countries around Europe is dramatically changing; growing economical crises, deconstruction of the social state and new challenges to existing democracies make HRE/EDC more needed than ever. Will this mean more efforts on the EDC/HRE, more programmes, more funds? The recent development in the sector gives NGOs, from the smallest to the biggest ones, many reasons for concern.

How to survive and continue good practices on HRE/EDC field with less and less grant opportunities? With less and less support from national states? With the fact that HRE/EDC somehow loosing the gained status in educational programmes? Many of these concerns were sensed by DARE Network in the previous year and also reacted upon.

DARE´s European Focus Meeting “The Effects and Challenges of the Economical Crisis on NGO’s” will be held 8-9 October in Rome and aims to not only put the actual above mentioned concerns on the HRE/EDC agenda, but to open the floor for the search of new, alternative ways of financing our activities, for maintaining sustainability of existing good practices, for securing HRE/EDC presence European-wide also in forthcoming challenging years.

Draft Program:

8th oct 2012
Afternoon: Check in at the Hotel Don Bosco Hotel ("Ospizio Salesiano Sacro Cuore, via Marsala 42, Rome", close to Termini Train Station)
6 p.m. evening reception and DARE General Assembly

9th oct 2012
9:00 Keynote inputs: Luisa Brunori (Grameen, Italia ); Carlotta Sami (AI, Italia) tbc
coffee break

10.30 -12 Two parallel groups on national Experiences of NGO´s with financial cutbacks and practical examples on aternatives such as
• Low and no-budget projects
• Funding from non-governmental sources
• Volunteering
• New forms of cooperation with governmental/inter-governmental agencies
• Social enterprise models

12-1p.m. Closing session, recommendations and lunch

For any inputs to the Working groups DARE will reimburse accommodation and travel costs (up to 250 €) for DARE members.
The European Focus Meeting is open to external participants.
All travel directions will be send after registration

For further information please directly contact Georg Pirker: